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HBOT is a medical treatment that
delivers 100% oxygen to a person
within a pressurized chamber.

Safe, secure, and in a nurturing environment

HBOT creates an atmosphere conducive to healing, aiding in the recovery from a variety of illnesses and conditions

Each treatment is called a “dive”. During a treatment - oxygen, under pressure, fills the Hyperbaric chamber, increasing the oxygen concentration within a person’s body 15 to 20 times normal at the cellular level. Increased oxygen tension accelerates healing processes and aids in recovery from certain conditions and maladies. Each session usually takes from 5-10minutes to achieve depth, 60 minutes for treatment and another 5-10 minutes to return to normal pressure.

HBOT is safe, has few side effects with practically none that persist.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been clearly demonstrated to dramatically increase immune capabilities, assisting patients with problems ranging from chronic infections to complex disabilities, including pain and neurological impairment.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - HBOT - Dr. Shor - Internal Medicine of Northern VA

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"I am so impressed with your ability to listen to what I say..." have changed my life! I can never thank you enough!"

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"...So amazing how much you have changed my life! I can never thank you enough!..."


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