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Traumatic Brain Injury TBI - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Samuel Shor, MD, FACP


Dr. Shor - Internal Medicine of Northern VA

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"Enrollment is open for the N-BIRR study"
N-BIRR- National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Project

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NBIRR Inclusion - Exclusion Criteria

ANAM Results

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“Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy has been used to treat patients with numerous disorders, including stroke. This treatment has been shown to decrease cerebral edema, normalize water content in the brain, decrease the severity of brain infarction, and maintain blood-brain barrier integrity. In addition, HBO therapy attenuates motor deficits, decreases the risks of sequelae, and prevents recurrent cerebral circulatory disorders, thereby leading to improved outcomes and survival. Hyperbaric oxygen also accelerates the regression of atherosclerotic lesions, promotes antioxidant defenses, and suppresses the proliferation of macrophages and foam cells in atherosclerotic lesions. …. In studies that investigated the effects of HBO therapy on the damaged brain, the treatment was found to inhibit neuronal death, arrest the progression of radiation-induced neurologic necrosis, improve blood flow in regions affected by chronic neurologic disease as well as aerobic metabolism in brain injury, and accelerate the resolution of clinical symptoms.”

TBI Treatment Act Introduced to House of Representatives



1860 Town Center Drive I Suite G220 I Reston, Virginia 20190 I Voice: 703-709-1119 I Fax: 703 709-7496